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What is Privacy Film ?

Privacy film’s opacity can be controlled to modify the privacy and lighting, replacing traditional curtain. It suits usage at home, offices or hotels, etc.

By using buttons, switch or APP, you can control to what extent the glass transparency is. It suits the usage in conference room and office, to replace the dirty and inconvenient curtains.

Also, Privacy Film has another "wow" feature, is that the film is projectable. Therefore, you can have show videos and graphics on any glass you want.

Here is the Timberland Projecting Case

Smart Glass VS Smart Film Conventional Smart Glass is not popular on the market for quite a few reasons, but Film Players's Smart Film solved all the limitations and practicality.

Smart Film Use Case We have installed and co-operate with various honourable clients, such as L'Hotel, Shangri-la, Sino Group and etc. Here are some examples below :

Hong Kong International Airport

Circular Meeting Room


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