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More Affordable

Film Player's Smart Film

Film Players Limited provides one-stop solutions for Smart Film products, from R&D to design to installation. We dedicated ourselves in the service, to bring the future technological world to customers' reality with constant innovations.


For Privacy Usage

Suitable for bathroom, meeting room and home interior 

Compatible with switch, controller and APP

Electronic Dimmer 

For Privacy Usage



Able to display your company's logo and useful information

Suitable for specialized projects

For Digital Usage 

More Affordable

1. 40-50%Cheaperof Conventional Smart Glass

2. additionalTo Glass, No Glass Is Replaced

3. LowOperationAndMaintenance Cost

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More Eco-Friendly

1. LowPower Consumption

2.No Glass IsDisposedorReplaced

3. Able To ReduceIndoor Temperature

More Flexible

1.CuttableTo Fit Any Glass Shape


3. Operable ByPower BankOrBatteries

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