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Modern Architecture

Total solution integration

Instead of privacy film and digital film, we also have total solution integration (APP & Smart control).

The T Hotel (Hong Kong)

The T Hotel has upgraded 5 rooms to smart rooms by film players limited.

A smart hotel room is a room that makes use of ‘smart’ electronic devices powered by the Internet of Things (IoT).


This IoT technology means that what were once ordinary devices are now fitted with internet connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data and, effectively, communicate with one another.

Our customized APP UI interface


Project process



Requirements analysis and planning phase:

Determine the goals and scope of the smart building project and clarify the business needs and technical requirements of the project.

Develop project plan, including arrangement of time, resources and budget.


Overall design stage:

Determine the structural layout of the building, the selection of equipment and systems, and the intelligent program design.

Determine the intelligent functional requirements, such as self-service check-in, intelligent control equipment, intelligent room service, etc.

Carry out system architecture design, including the design of hardware devices, network communications and application programming interfaces.

​ Calculate costs and confirm expenses.


and construction phase:

Implementation and construction are carried out according to the detailed design plan.

Prepare all materials and start installation, wiring, debugging and testing of equipment and systems.
Also ensures the integration of equipment and systems with other building facilities and systems.


and debugging phase:

Conduct comprehensive testing of smart buildings, including functional testing, performance testing, and compatibility testing.

Repair and optimize problems in the system to ensure system stability and reliability.


and maintenance phase:

Carry out system monitoring and operation and maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the system and handle faults and problems in a timely manner.

Provide training and support to enable hotel staff to become proficient in using smart devices and systems.


Project completion stage:

Organize and improve relevant documents and deliverables of smart hotel projects, including system design documents, technical specifications of equipment and systems, user manuals, maintenance manuals, etc.

Conduct system acceptance testing and work with the project management team to confirm that system functionality and performance meet contract requirements and expectations. Ensure the client is satisfied with the project deliverables and address any potential issues or improvement needs.

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