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Reverse-type film

Haze Free Reverse Mode Liquid Crystal Light Control Film with Inhomogeneous Alignment Layer

1. USPTO Ref. US Provisional Application No. 62/603,602
(filed on 6 June 2017)
2.. HKUST Ref. TTc.PA.1060
(On - going on filing PCT International Application)

It is a technology to innovate the conventional smart film that is transparent when the power is on, vice versa. Our new technology reversed it, which the film is transparent when the power is off, vice versa. It saves 90% of power consumption.

Conventional Technology
switch (3).png
switch (2).png
"Reverse-type Film"
switch (3).png
switch (2).png

Display Apparatus 

A Display Apparatus and

A Method To Controll A Display Apparatus

This technology allows us to display simple standardized signage by segmenting the film and use different integrations to run the program and showcase any information, such as : 
1. Signage

2. Weather Information
3. Digital Clock

Patent No. HK1243591
Granted date: 17.05.2017

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